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Disappointment of poor quality lasts much more longer than joy from low price...
Why us

When you use Mustang products you will always be sure that made right choice. We guarantee only high quality and perfect tape’s performance of full product range, which meet all requirements of our customers.

Our advantages
  • Mustang’s products the  highest quality
  • Competitive pricing
  • Perfect packaging of our products
  • Full product range
  • Professional logistics
  • Marketing and technical customer support
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Unique adhesive tapes in the Ukrainian market

When you order Mustang products you guarantee purchase high performance tape. This fact noteworthy itself, but more our customers will face our pricing advantages: our company offers products with price much more lower then analogues at market. Even one time to compare and customer will be clearly!

Our company presents on week to week basis promotional prices for all products in our list, group by group.


One more advantage of our company is first class customer service:


  • MustangTM supply all kinds of adhesive tape which can meet all requirements
  • We can delivery our goods in any place
  • We provide full warranty cover for our products. If end buyer purchased defective roll we will refund it or change for similar.
  • We use special packaging to protect our tapes and make it more recognizable.
  • We provide marketing and advertising materials


MustangTM – high quality adhesive tape which brings satisfy from perfect work end.

Certification ТМ MUSTANG