MUSTANG trademark dates back to 1997 and it was created with the aim of providing consumers with products that provide impressive results of their use. MUSTANG trademark has been constantly expanding its product portfolio throughout the entire period of its existence. At the moment, you have the opportunity to appreciate the highest quality of products in the line of adhesive tapes, super glues and polyurethane foam. We believe in high quality products and prefer to only display the MUSTANG logo on products that meet strict standards. MUSTANG is a brand that has a high reputation in Ukraine, the CIS countries and the EU!
In addition to high quality products, we strive to be a great company for our Employees and Consumers! That is why this site will serve as your guide in the world of using our quality products, where you can get acquainted with really useful information!

Company’s Mission:

  • To create and improve the highest quality standards of TM MUSTANG products – causing a new level of satisfaction and emotions in Customers!
  • To develop a product line of TM MUSTANG products  enabling Customers to use quality products in new areas of life support.
  • Form a culture of consumption of new TM MUSTANG products facilitating the solution of many household and industrial tasks!
  • To create conditions for the technological growth of the Company, to give an opportunity for development and self-realization to people who strive forward!

Our motto is “A reliable brand is a reliable business!”

Openness to the consumer

TM MUSTANG vividly takes part in specialized exhibitions, perceiving such events as an opportunity to exchange information with Partners both in Ukraine and abroad! An open dialogue with Partners allows us to successfully implement the tasks of developing our products and services, increasing their value for Customers! Our visitors have the opportunity to test the quality of products directly at the exhibition stands, both during individual meetings and during presentation sessions, which helps to get a better understanding of TM MUSTANG. Our exhibition stands reflect the creativity and individuality of TM MUSTANG, bear the understanding that one of our main tasks is to be useful to everyone, keeping good and pleasant emotions from using our products!