Double-sided Cloth Tape


  • provide the reliable junction with a rough and fleecy surfaces, preventing the displacement ofglued objects;
  • high flexibility and elasticity, which facilitates fixing of rough surfaces;
  • easy-in-use,environmentally friendly, easy disposal;
  • connect the elements, keeping their fragile parts intact.

Detailed description

Double-sided Cloth Tape consists of a fabric substrate and an adhesive layer of synthetic rubber applied onto both sides of it.

The elastic base, consisting of viscose fibers, possesses increased strength. Thanks to its specially designed adhesive composition, this tape has the highest possible strength, even comparing to the polypropylene analogues. The interaction of glue and a fabric base provides strong adhesion of this tape being applied to any surface.


  • for gluing materials that are subjected to heavy loads;
  • for flooring works;
  • for temporary restoration works;
  • for decoration of exhibition rooms;
  • for the installation of materials that must stay motionless even under high mechanical stress;
  • for gluing various rolled materials during their production, including continuous conveyors.


Vendor code Size Quantity pcs/box
DCT385 38mm*5m 64
DCT3810 38mm*10m 48
DCT505 50mm*5m 72
DCT5010 50mm*10m 48
DCT5025 50mm*25m 36