Double-sided Tissue Adhesive tapes


  • Mustang  offers the double-sided tape with high strength characteristics, providing reliable adhesion to various surfaces, containing no acids and not damaging the PVC coating.
  • This adhesive tape has strong adhesion on the one side and medium adhesion on the other.
  • You can purchase high-quality double-sided adhesive tape in bulk at affordable prices that are comparable to the cost of products with lower performance.

Detailed description

Not always it is recommended to use glue for fastening flat surfaces. Double-sided adhesive tape is an effective alternative in situations where you need to provide quick and tight gluing, invisible to others.

Double-sided transparent adhesive tape differs from the usual one not only in that adhesive substance is applied on both sides of the film base. The special rubber compound with excellent adhesive properties is used as glue. Increased resistance to plasticizer migration is another useful feature of this adhesive tape. The double-sided tape is protected from premature removal of glue and debris getting on it with a strip of paper with an addition of silicone.


  • lamination of leather, textiles, foams;
  • fastening light elements, such as signs, planks, plates, decoration elements;
  • installation of plastic elements;
  • fastening bags, envelopes, lightweight stationery containers, posters, displays;
  • paper bonding during production and printing;
  • installation of electronic parts and components in the manufacture of electrical products;
  • different types of bonding in the paper and printing industries;
  • bonding of various films;
  • for furnishing furniture with decorative elements;
  • for the production of advertising products


Vendor code Size Quantity pcs/box
ATD1210 12mm*10m 300
ATD2010 20mm*10m 180
ATD2410 24mm*10m 144
ATD4510 45mm*10m 72
ATD4516 45mm*16m 72