Roller for clothes


  • High viscosity of tear-off paper;
  • Viscosity is not los even with prolonge use;
  • The roller does not dry out over time;
  • The roller delicately removes dust, wool, hair, etc., without leaving marks on clothes;
  • Reusable roller;
  • Roller design for effective cleaning and convenience, there is a hanging hole.

Detailed description

Roller for clothes Mustang is convenient and efficient to use, the spiral adhesive sheets are easily peeled off from each other. The rollers are replaceable and after the sheets run out, you can easily remove the attachment and put on a new one. To replace the roll, pull down on the handle and attach the replacement roll of sheets.


Pet hair, lint, hair, threads, dust, small debris are those things that appear on clothes unexpectedly and require immediate removal. The roller is a constant assistant in cleaning clothes, car interiors, carpets and upholstered furniture.


Vendor code Size Quantity pcs/box
LR-1 20 sheets 48
LR-2 30 sheets 48
LR-3 40 sheets 48