Self-adhesive Fiberglass Tape


  • high adhesive ability;
  • perfect adhesion to most building surfaces;
  • snug fit without flaking, unevenness and swelling;
  • high tensile strength;
  • resistance to vibration loads, shear and shrinkage displacements;
  • resistance to humid and corrosive environments, oil, fat;
  • no chemical reaction to rust;
  • environmentally friendly tape material, not subject to decomposition;
  • ease of use: the tape is easily cut with a stationery knife or scissors;
  • saving plaster solution.


Detailed description

Specialized self-adhesive structured fiberglass mesh impregnated with adhesive. Differs in high adhesion to most building surfaces. It improves the mechanical and strength characteristics of joints, prevents the propagation of cracks formed. The tape possesses high strength, low elongation, resistance to moisture, alkalis and other aggressive substances. It is perfectly compatible with most species


  • sealing seams and cracks on building surfaces;
  • repair of cracked plaster coating;
  • masking of defects in painting and plastering works;
  • reinforcement of working surfaces of walls and ceilings;
  • fixing the joints of window frames and door frames with walls before plastering the joints;
  • gluing the joints of most sheet materials.



Vendor code Size Quantity pcs/box
SRT5020 50mm*20m 48
SRT5045 50mm*45m 30
SRT5090 50mm*90m 12
SRT10020 100mm*20m 12
SRT15020 150mm*20m 16
SRT23020 230mm*20m 8