Aluminum tape for repair and installation


  • reliable connection with surfaces of different materials;
  • resistance to moisture, ultraviolet, high temperatures;
  • excellent elasticity;
  • high tensile strength;
  • long-term use in the open air without loss of adhesive properties

Detailed description

Aluminum tape for repair and assembly by Mustang TM is an adhesive tape based on aluminum foil with one-sided application of a transparent solvent adhesive based on rubber and a protective liner made of siliconized paper. This highly elastic tape adheres tightly to various surfaces at an ambient temperature of up to 130 ° C. It is characterized by excellent adhesion to the metal, increasing the adhesion force during operation. The ability of this aluminum tape to reflect heat and UV radiation, as well as its moisture resistance and resistance to aggressive chemical environment, provide it with a wide scope of application during repair, construction and installation works.  


Thanks to its high insulating properties, this aluminum tape is effectively used for heat, hydro and steam insulation works. The tape is used for gluing corners of thick thermal insulation and fixing of roofing materials. It is a perfect option for installation of pipelines, ventilation systems, air conditioners and refrigeration systems. It is effectively used in repair works on sealing units and equipment. Also, it can be used in everyday life for sealing narrow joints and seams, as well as for minor car repairs.


Vendor code Size Quantity pcs/box
ALISO5015 50mm*15m 48