Aluminum tape Premium


  • resistance to UV radiation ;
  • low flammability;
  • steam and moisture resistance ;
  • corrosion inhibitor;
  • durability thanks to high abrasion resistance;
  • resistance to adverse weather conditions;
  • can be easily applied onto uneven surfaces.

Detailed description

Aluminum tape Premium is an adhesive tape foil-based on aluminum foil with one-sided application of a transparent solvent adhesive based on rubber and a protective liner made of siliconized paper. This foil is an excellent barrier to moisture, steam, aggressive chemicals, dirt and dust. The tape has a high thermal insulating ability. Thanks to a specialized adhesive formula, it is a reliable solution for protecting non-heat-resistant substrates from intense heat loads and direct fire.  


This tape provides super strong connection with surfaces of various materials, especially metals, allowing to effectively use foil adhesive tape when installing air ducts and ventilation systems to create ventilation ducts, arranging utilities for sealing technological joints. It is perfect for installing roof structures, gluing joints during installation of reflective thermal insulation. In the automotive industry this tape is effectively used when carrying out bodyworks, e.g. for sealing large holes (up to 20 cm) before filling them. The fire resistance of this tape allows its use in furnace structures, when installing chimney pipes.


Vendor code Size Quantity pcs/box
ALT505 50mm*5m 72
ALT5010 50mm*10m 48
ALT5025 50mm*25m 48
ALT5040 50mm*40m 48