• crystal transparency;
  • invisibility of the glue seam;
  • strength and reliability of the adhesive bond;
  • masking of the destroyed structure of the parts that are glued together;
  • high water resistance.


Detailed description

Contact adhesive PROF Crystal provides a transparent combination bonding of plastic, porcelain, faience, ceramics, glass and plexiglass. It allows to achieve maximum transparency of the seam, effectively fills in irregularities, cracks and voids formed as a result of partial destruction of the bonded surfaces. It has a universal application. PROF Crystal differs in high adhesion strength, it is ideal for repairs, where it is important to obtain an invisible adhesive contour.


  • glass and plexiglass bonding;
  • fixing of the elements made of decorative plastics;
  • clay bonding;
  • repair of jewelry and bijouterie;
  • gluing dishes and decorative elements such as figurines, caskets, porcelain and ceramics vases.



Vendor code Size Quantity pcs/box
MG17 ind.blister 1pc * 30g tube 144