• high adhesion strength;
  • high drying speed;
  • excellent moisture resistance;
  • resistance to the impact of external environment;
  • excellent resistance to mechanical impact;
  • ease of use;
  • economical consumption and convenient packaging.


Detailed description

Contact adhesive SOS is intended for lovers of tourism, active sports and recreation. The composition and properties of the glue make it possible to use it without special skills in extreme conditions. It is suitable for bonding dissimilar materials, provides high adhesion, and dries quickly. The glue line is elastic, perfectly withstands mechanical and external environment impact.


  • gluing tents, awnings, inflatable rubber boats;
  • repair of haberdashery, leather and rubber shoes;
  • repair, tuning and modernization of inflatable pools and other inflatable products;
  • joining the edges of cuts, repairing holes in fishing and hunting equipment;
  • repair of folding furniture in field conditions.



Vendor code Size Quantity pcs/box
MG19 ind.blister 1pc * 30g tube 144