Double-sided Adhesive tape Electro Energy Fix


  • high bond strength when performing both internal and external work;
  • excellent resistance to external influences such as temperature, UV rays, moisture, salts, solvents;
  • high indicators of shear strength and delamination;
  • sustainability to ageing
  • load distribution over the entire area of ​​the joint, which allows the use of lighter and more economical materials;
  • easy installation without drilling, which means no damage to the surfaces that are joined;
  • cheaper assembly, saving time and labor costs.

Detailed description

Double-sided adhesive tape Electro Energy Fix is designed for fastening and fixing various electrical equipment and accessories. The tape allows perfect filling of all irregularities, thereby increasing the area and strength of adhesion. A special adhesive layer provides fast and durable connection of various glued surfaces, and resistance to temperature changes.


  • fixing objects on vertical and horizontal planes under heavy loads;
  • installation of cable ducts and electrical boxes without mounting holes;
  • fixing wires and cables for various purposes;
  • installation of housings for household electricity meters and switchboards;
  • installation of electrical boxes and instrument carriers;
  • backlit label attachment.


Vendor code Size Quantity pcs/box
EL195 19mm*5mm 10