Double Sided Adhesive Tape LED Mounting


  • strong fixation of the glued surfaces;
  • high adhesion to aluminum and powder coated metals;
  • resistance to environmental factors: UV radiation, humidity, temperature changes;
  • resistance to salts, solvents and other chemicals;
  • long lifetime – due to its high temperature resistance, the tape does not peel off when heated;
  • invisible fastening site due to the minimum tape thickness.

Detailed description

Specialized technological double-sided adhesive tape consisting of a transparent PET film base coated with a layer of modified acrylic glue, covered with a red protective liner. The thin base forms an almost invisible attachment contour. The special adhesive formula provides instant strong adhesion on all surfaces. The wide operating temperature range allows the tape to be used indoors and outdoors.


  • installation of LED modules and strips to the luminaire body;
  • installation of rulers with or without non-standard mounting holes;
  • fixing garlands;
  • installation of electronic road signs, LED signs;
  • secure mounting of LED strips and touch panels;
  • fixation of controllers, detectors and sensors;
  • installation of light boxes, letters, logos on facades;
  • repair of displays, phones, touchscreens.


Vendor code Size Quantity pcs/box
LD1010 10mm*10m 30