Double-sided Adhesive Tape NANO TAPE


  • optical transparency of the tape;
  • ability to withstand extreme loads;
  • high peel and shear strength;
  • the ability to mount items with an internal recess;
  • high resistance to UV radiation, temperature, solvents and moisture;
  • absence of traces during dismantling;
  • indoor and outdoor use of tape.

Detailed description

Nano Tape is a double-sided adhesive tape designed for long-term fixing of heavy structures, various parts and furniture. The elastic, 2 mm, acrylic base of the tape compensates for all mechanical vibrations, and is also able to withstand heavy loads. The modified acrylic adhesive layer provides a stable and durable monolithic fixing. The tape is intended for use on metal, plastic, glass and wood surfaces (in particular, varnished and painted). It is designed for outdoor and indoor use.


The tape is designed for mounting:

  • furniture parts and elements;
  • decorative elements of interior and exterior;
  • kitchen аnd bathroom accessories;
  • heavy objects without drilling (replaces screws, nails, welds, glue);
  • metal and plastic panels, shelves, blinds;
  • glass structures;
  • double-glazed windows, armored glass.


Vendor code Size Quantity pcs/box
NT191 19mm*1m 30