Double-sided tape Transparent PROF SILICONE


  • high peel strength and shear strength;
  • high elasticity of the tape;
  • high adhesive force and strength;
  • ability to withstand extreme loads;
  • high resistance to UV radiation, temperature, solvents and moisture;
  • no traces when removed;
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Detailed description

The silicone tape is designed for outdoor and indoor use. It has an ultra-high level of primary adhesion, which reliably fixes heavy objects. The thickness of 1mm compensates for unevenness in the installation of surfaces, and creates a shock-absorbing base, due to which the tape adheres tightly to smooth and rough surfaces. It is used on ceramic, metal, plastic, glass and wood surfaces (in particular, varnished and painted).


  • gluing and installation of kitchen and bathroom accessories;
  • fastening of any objects without drilling (replaces screws, nails, welds, glue);
  • installation of decorative overlays, cable channels;
  • fastening of glass, plastics, textile materials, synthetic and metal films, banners;
  • installation of displays, external plates, corrugated or uneven polypropylene substrates, rigid polystyrene foam, polycarbonate and high impact polystyrene (HIPS) objects, where very high levels of chipping strength and adhesion are important;
  • mounting of external mirrors on cars and trucks with plastic bodies;
  • gluing and installation of super heavy objects and elements (panels, shelves, blinds).


Vendor code Size Quauntity pcs/box
SL192 19mm*2m 30