Masking Roller


  • professional quality;
  • high density;
  • possibility of use on dusty surfaces;
  • strong initial adhesion;
  • simplicity of fastening;
  • removing without traces of glue.

Detailed description

Protective film with masking tape TM Mustang is a coating material made of transparent polyethylene. Along the longer edge of the film coating roll with a width of 550/1100/1500/2700 mm, the masking tape was applied in order to securely fasten the film to the wall for up to 8 days. This premium-quality protective coating adheres tightly to surfaces made of metal, plastic, drywall and adheres tightly to glass, tile and wallpapers. The polyethylene film has good electrostatic properties for attracting and retaining dust. When removed, it leaves no traces of glue on the surfaces. Available in a length of 15 m.   


This tape is used for effective protection of smooth, slightly rough, uneven and rough surfaces, household objects, appliances, furniture during indoor construction and repair works, such as plastering, grouting, painting. Being fastened to doorways, this film effectively prevents the ingress of construction dust into neighboring rooms.


Vendor code Name Number of pcs/drawer
MR550 15м*550мм 50
MR1100 15м*1100мм 25
MR1500 15м*1500мм 25
MR2700 15м*2700мм 25