Protective film


  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • frost resistance;
  • resistance to the effects of many chemicals;
  • moisture resistance;
  • easy in use and profitable;
  • possibility of reusing;
  • high quality at an affordable price.

Detailed description

Protective film TM Mustang  is a plastic film, that is elastic and resistant to aggressive chemicals. This waterproof material is characterized by low water absorption, resistance to water vapor and does not allow gaseous emissions. The premium quality polyethylene with a thickness of 7/12 microns has high tensile strength. 


This dense and super-strong plastic film is successfully used as a coating material in construction and agriculture, as well as in everyday life. The film (area: 20 sq. meters) allows you to reliably cover large objects, protecting them against dirt and dust, ingress of construction mixtures, splashes of paint and varnishes during repair works. This protective film is reusable both indoors and outdoors. Provides the excellent coating that protects goods, metal products, building materials stored outside. It also effectively protects furniture, expensive equipment and floor coverings during indoor repair works.


Vendor code Name Number of pcs/drawer
77-18-19 Universal 7мкм 120
12-18-19 Premium 12мкм 80