Warning Tape Yellow-black


  • resistant to mechanical damage;
  • possibility of reuse;
  • ease and reliability of fixing the tape at the required height;
  • high visibility in adverse conditions, e.g. dark, dusty or foggy areas.

Detailed description

This yellow-black Warning Tape is used as a warning sign to restrict access to potentially dangerous areas. Made of durable polyethylene, it is resistant to tensile and tearing, has increased wear resistance and durability. Thanks to the high-quality material, this tape is resistant to atmospheric conditions. It does not deform at low temperatures and precipitation. Bright colors (yellow and black) of the stripes make it visible from afar that allows you to effectively use this product as a fence, both in daylight and in the dark. 


Warning Tape yellow-black tape is a perfect option for fencing construction sites with dug trenches, pits, working machinery, car accident and road work areas marking and burying of utility lines.

It can also be used during mass public events: sport competitions, rallies, concerts, exhibitions, as well as for fencing the territory of a private property.


Vendor code Size Quantity pcs/box
WTBY50100 50mm*100m 36
WTBY75100 75mm*100m 32