Masking Tape DELICATE


  • forms a clear and even paint contour;
  • easy to dismantle;
  • does not damage delicate surfaces;
  • leaves no adhesive residue after removal;
  • compatible with liquid paints;
  • resistant to moisture, UV radiation and solvents;
  • elastic;
  • designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Detailed description

Masking tape DELICATE for delicate surfaces is a professional masking tape made of high quality washi rice paper with an applied acrylic adhesive layer.

The tape is intended for painting on delicate surfaces, it can be easily dismantled without damaging fragile and sensitive materials. It forms a clear and even contour of coloring, preventing leakage of liquid paints and varnishes. It leaves no traces on the surface after removal.

It is used on wallpaper, painted surfaces, glass, ceramics, metal, plastic, treated wood, plaster, gypsum.


  • Protection of delicate surfaces during paintwork;
  • Formation of clear lines in the distribution of different colors.


Vendor code Size Quantity pcs/box
WMT1925V 19mm*25m 30
WMT2525V 25mm*25m 24
WMT3825V 38mm*25m 18
WMT5025V 50mm*25m 12